As one of the prettiest solar motion lights on the market, the Greenclick 2 Mode Motion Sensor Solar Wall Light defies expectations. With a traditional oil lantern design, Greenclick’s solar light can add a touch of elegance to a front porch or entrance barrier. Although it’s not bright enough to provide much security, it still offers a practical and eco-friendly approach to outdoor lighting.

The Greenclick light displays a romantic faux flickering flame effect until you activate the motion sensor. Once it detects a person, the light turns a bright white so visitors can see more easily. This is a great and effective solution for those looking to brighten up a dark area without sacrificing aesthetics.

What Do Reviewers Say?

The quality of the Greenclick 2 Mode Motion Sensor Solar Wall Lights surprised reviewers. They appreciate the innovative take on a solar motion light, including the unique dancing flame effect. Although the light is charming, it is still very practical and offers a lot of value for homeowners.

One reviewer wasn’t happy with the design on the solar lamp. They had not realized that the backside of the lamp case was flat as people should mount it flush with the wall. This may be a limitation for buyers who are looking for a light that can be hooked to the roof and not just mounted on a flat surface.

Features & Considerations

One of the best features of the Greenclick solar light is its beautiful, vintage design. The light is in a faux lantern box and the solar panel is discreetly on top of the black roof. Each set comes with two solar lanterns that look great as an extra decorative element outside the house.

The lanterns mimic dancing flames, which creates a beautiful ambiance at the entrance of a home. Once the motion detector activates, the light will turn a bright white for 30 seconds. This is just enough light to help you unlock your door or identify visitors at night.

While the Greenclick lights are made with plastic, they are durable enough to withstand rain, snow, ice and other inclement weather. However, the rooftop solar panel must receive enough sunlight for it to operate at full capacity. This may limit your installation options if an awning or balcony blocks the sun’s rays from reaching the top of the light fixture.


Best for Garden Paths: DEWENWILS Outdoor Solar Path Lights

dewenwils outdoor solar path lights

  • Lumens: 30
  • Motion Sensor Range: 13 ft.
  • The High Points: Has a very long battery life.
  • The Not-So: Is not as bright as other wall-mounted options.

The DEWENWILS Outdoor Solar Path Lights are a perfect option for eco-friendly homeowners. The short black stake lights can be placed along any outdoor perimeter for extra lighting and ambiance. While the lights aren’t terribly bright, they provide enough light to keep from stumbling in the darkness.

Most solar path lights don’t have motion sensor functionality. However, the DEWENWILS provides the best of both worlds; the light emits a soft glow all night and can brighten up when someone walks by. This is both an energy-efficient and effective option for garden beds or paths.

What Do Reviewers Say?

Overall, buyers like the DEWENWILS Outdoor Solar Path Lights. They are a great height and size. Some reviewers like the fact that they emit a dim, continuous glow even when the motion sensor hasn’t been activated.

However, some reviewers have complained about the low brightness levels as they are mostly dim and decorative. Others have claimed that bugs have triggered the motion sensors and drained the batteries overnight. The batteries then require considerable sunlight to re-charge fully.

Features & Considerations

The DEWENWILS solar lights are great for brightening up an outdoor perimeter like a driveway or rooftop garden trail. Each light is secured in the ground using a stake, so installation is extremely simple. It’s important to note that these lights cannot be mounted on the wall.

Each light is weather-resistant and made of stainless steel. The small solar panels located on top of the stakes are effective and discreet. The light’s design is sleek and modern and can easily blend into any landscaping.

Although the DEWENWILS solar path lights only emit 30 lumens, they come in packs of two which increases the combined output. It’s recommended that you purchase multiple packs if you want to cover a large area. Fortunately, each set is very cost-effective, so lighting a large driveway won’t set you back much money.

The motion sensor is activated when a person or animals comes within 13 feet of the light. The light will then stay on for an additional 20 seconds before returning to a dim 3-lumen level of brightness. On a full battery charge, the DEWENWILS can last for up to 12 hours before automatically turning off at dawn.


For Those On A Budget: Pobon Foldable Solar Motion Sensor Lights

Budget Solar Motion Light by Pobon

  • Lumens: 450
  • Motion Sensor Range: 6-26 ft.
  • The High Points: The innovative design offers maximum portability and ease of use.
  • The Not-So: Doesn’t have a large motion sensor range.

As the cheapest and most versatile light on our list, the Pobon Foldable Solar Light really is a steal. The foldable design allows for the light to be easily transported, so you can add some security lighting to your campsite, construction zone or in an emergency in a pinch. No other solar motion light is as portable as the Pobon Foldable Solar Light.

What Do Reviewers Say?

Buyers are happy with how cost-effective the Pobon Foldable Solar Light is. Not only is it a cheap initial investment, but it also saves money on electric bills. Others appreciate its versatility, as you can use it in emergencies, while camping or you can permanently install it as a porch light.

Some have complained that the light won’t work when they place it in an area with shade. However, this is a standard issue for solar lights that have integrated panels. You must place the lights in an area that receives direct sunlight or the batteries won’t have an opportunity to recharge.


Features & Considerations

Pobon’s solar motion light offers an innovative design feature: foldability. This allows for flexible installation as it can easily be adjusted to reach the right amount of sun. You can also fold up the light and take it camping, use it on your RV, or place it on a construction site.

The light installs on a wall-mounted “shelf”. Once you attach it, you can adjust the panel and light 250 degrees. You can also easily detach the light can from the shelf if you want to use it while traveling.

The light includes three different modes: “steady on” (continuous light), “dim light” (continuous dim light with bright light when movement is detected), and “sensor mode” (light when movement is detected only). The motion sensor isn’t very sensitive but can detect movement at a distance of 6 to 26 feet and an angle of 120 degrees.


How long do solar motion sensor light batteries last?

Similar to the charge time, the battery life of a solar motion light can vary depending on the model. Most lights last an average of 8 hours on a full charge. This is enough time to last the night and provide light from dusk to dawn.

However, if the solar panel doesn’t receive enough direct sunlight during the day, the light won’t be able to work properly.

Since most homeowners only require the solar motion light to operate when there’s detected movement, the battery will last significantly longer than those that stay lit all night. This is an added benefit for those who live in cloudy areas and can’t fully charge their batteries in a single day.

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